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Calculating car insurance quotes

If you are already accustomed with the concept of insurance or just have spent some time comparing car insurance quotes, you definitely know that insurance rates may vary significantly if you changes specific variables. These variables (factors) are used when calculating how much of a risk you are to insure for the insurance provider. So in order to know what will affect your quotes, here are the major factors that will influence them:

Age and gender

These are probably the most influential factors when it comes to car insurance quotes. Teen drivers are usually charged with the highest rates, because they lack the necessary driving experience and tend to have accidents more often. Male drivers are usually charged with higher rates because women file claims more rarely according to statistics.


The car you want to insure also plays a very important role when calculating car insurance quotes. Its top speed, engine volume, make, model, safety features, repair costs and theft rates will influence your premiums. Usually, the more expensive is the car the more you will pay for insurance, however there are some exceptions too.

Driving record

How good of a driver you are is expressed in your driving record. If it contains numerous tickets, violations and accidents then your rates will be quite high, if the company will agree to insure you in the first place. The better the record the lower will be your car insurance quotes.

Credit rating

A large part of insurance companies uses the customer's credit rating in order to asses the risk of insuring him. And while this may be an arguable factor, it was statistically proven that people with poor credit scores are much likely to file an insurance claim than people with better rating. So it's a good reason for keeping your credit record clean if you want to get better car insurance quotes.

Marital status

Married people usually get better rates because they tend to be less risky drivers than single persons without children.

Place of residence

Your insurance rates will also vary depending on where you live. People living in large urban areas with heavy traffic and high car theft rates eventually get higher car insurance quotes than those living in rural areas. Local repair and medical costs also play an important role. So if you're looking for something really cheap in terms of car insurance then you should consider to another place to live.